The tableware in the family restaurant cannot be broken

Now more and more restaurants use a kind of plastic tableware, which is called melamine tableware. Have you found that you usually see heavy ceramic tableware appearing less and less in family restaurants when gathering together?

Why do more and more ordinary restaurants tend to use melamine tableware? What are its advantages? Melamine tableware has many advantages over ceramic tableware. Melamine tableware has the smooth appearance of ceramics and the toughness of bamboo and wood tableware. This greatly reduces the damage rate of tableware in the restaurant compared to ceramic tableware. On the one hand, it saves unnecessary waste, and on the other hand, it improves the safety of diners. Guests will not be easily injured by the breakage of the tableware, especially when bringing children to a family gathering in a family restaurant. Once the heavy ceramic tableware slips from the hand, it will break and cause danger.

Melamine tableware has excellent solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and is not harsh on cleaning. It can also be washed in the dishwasher; the melamine tableware material can be reused, reducing the environmental pressure of the wooden tableware belt, and it is not easy to mold and grow insects. ; Lightweight, easy to use and child-friendly; You can also print beautiful and distinctive patterns or logos in low-cost batches to attract customers, whether it is for food or as decorations, it is excellent

This is why popular restaurants love melamine tableware so much. The melamine tableware produced by Xiamen Bestwares Enterprise Corp.,Ltd. is widely used in the catering industry, mainly in Europe and North America, and delivers unique tableware to major restaurants, so that every consumer can feel the benefits of melamine tableware.

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