Is melamine tableware harmful to the body?

In the past time, melamine tableware has been continuously researched and improved, and more and more people are using it. It is widely used in hotels, fast food restaurants, dessert shops and other places. However, some people are skeptical about the safety of melamine tableware. Is melamine tableware plastic poisonous? Will it be harmful to the human body? This problem will be explained to you by the technicians of the melamine tableware manufacturer.

Melamine tableware is made of melamine resin powder by heating and pressing. Melamine powder is made of melamine formaldehyde resin, which is also a kind of plastic. It is made of cellulose as the base material, adding pigments and other additives. Because it has a three-dimensional network structure, it is a thermoset material. As long as the melamine tableware is used reasonably, it will not produce any toxins or harm to the human body. It does not contain heavy metal components, and will not cause metal poisoning in the human body, nor will it cause a certain negative effect on children's development as long-term use of aluminum foil for food in aluminum products.

Due to the increasing price of melamine powder, some unscrupulous merchants directly use urea-formaldehyde molding powder as raw material to produce them for profit; the outer surface is coated with a layer of melamine powder. Tableware made of urea-formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. This is why some people think that melamine tableware is harmful.

When consumers buy, they must first go to a regular store or supermarket. When buying, check whether the tableware has obvious deformation, color difference, smooth surface, bottom, etc. Whether it is uneven and whether the applique pattern is clear. When the colored tableware is wiped back and forth with white napkins, whether there is any phenomenon such as fading. Due to the production process, if the decal has a certain crease, it is normal, but once the color fades, try not to buy it.

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