Classification of raw materials for melamine tableware

Melamine tableware is made of melamine resin powder by heating and die-casting. According to the proportion of raw materials, its main categories are divided into three grades, A1, A3 and A5.

The A1 melamine material contains 30% melamine resin, and 70% of the ingredients are additives, starch, etc. Although the tableware produced with this kind of raw material contains a certain amount of melamine, it has the characteristics of plastic, is not resistant to high temperature, is easy to deform, and has poor gloss. But the corresponding price is quite low, it is a low-end product, suitable for Mexico, Africa and other regions.

A3 melamine material contains 70% melamine resin, and the other 30% is additives, starch, etc. The appearance color of tableware made of A3 material is not much different from that of A5 material. People may not be able to distinguish it at first, but once tableware made of A3 material is used, it is easy to change color, fade and deform under high temperature after a long time. The raw materials of A3 are cheaper than those of A5. Some businesses will pretend to be A5 as A3, and consumers must confirm the material when buying tableware.

A5 melamine material is 100% melamine resin, and the tableware produced with A5 raw material is pure melamine tableware. Its characteristics are very good, non-toxic, tasteless, light and heat preservation. It has the luster of ceramics, but it feels better than ordinary ceramics.

And unlike ceramics, it is fragile and heavy, so it is not suitable for children. Melamine tableware is resistant to falling, not fragile, and has an exquisite appearance. The applicable temperature of melamine tableware range is between -30 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius, so it is widely used in catering and daily life.

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Post time: Dec-15-2021